Anonymous (not verified) 22/04/2015

Lots of ambitious people aspire to develop a career that makes a contribution to society.

But, when you’re fresh out of university, or in the early stages of your career, it can seem near impossible to find an outlet where you’ll also be given real responsibility, grow your skills and build a serious professional network. Traditional master’s degrees can be too theoretical and detached, entry-level work in the voluntary sector is often frustrating, and working for government or the private sector can make you feel like another cog in a machine.

Year Here doesn’t want to create more cogs. They want to find and develop purpose-driven innovators, agitators and doers. You might set up your own social enterprise like many of Year Here’s alumni have or go on to pioneer change in other fields.

From a frontline innovation project to your own entrepreneurial venture and a grassroots community engagement project, you’ll have multiple opportunities to come up with great ideas and see them through. You will leave Year Here with a portfolio that is bursting full of projects, ideas and experiences.

To support you to build high-impact initiatives, you’ll get frontline insight, a rigorous social innovation curriculum, leadership development support and networking opportunities. Some of Year Here’s partners include the Cabinet Office, Nesta, FutureGov and Bain & Company and key faculty members include Sophie HowarthNick NielsenJohn Cremer and Roman Krznaric.

Applications for our September 2015 programme are now open for university graduates.