Take Part in Our Christmas Kindness Challenge

ncs 30/11/2018
NCS 12 Days of Kindness 2018

As the festive season approaches, you’re probably starting to wonder what to buy for loved ones and what you’ll be getting in your stocking. While presents are pretty great, it’s also a great time of year to make a difference without spending a penny…

“Bah, humbug!” is Ebenezer Scrooge’s famous line from A Christmas Carol. He wasn’t so into festive cheer, that’s for sure. In fact, he wasn’t so into even treating himself during the most sparkly time of the year. He didn’t know how to be kind to himself or to others, and that’s why he ended up getting haunted by three creepy, chain-rattling ghosts. But you know what he learned? That giving to others actually makes you feel good too. It only took the undead to teach him it. 

Giving presents is the traditional way to show the people in your life that you care about them at this time of year. It happens across the world in different forms. But a present isn’t always a physical object – and it certainly doesn’t need to be one you rushed out and bought in the Black Friday sales. Sometimes, the best present is free. It’s cliché, but it’s true. Kindness costs nothing but can be worth the world. That’s what Scrooge learnt that Christmas Eve. 

So how do you ‘give’ kindness?

Well, you can do it however you want. Make a delicious drink for someone you love when you know they’d really fancy it. Give your best friend a hug (or ten). Say thank you to the nice check-out lady and really mean it. There’s a million different ways! And each one can brighten up someone’s day and make you feel great as well. The funny thing about buying presents is you lose money doing it. Giving kindness means you GAIN happiness. That sounds like a good deal to us!

We know how inventive you guys are and are sure you’ve already got some pretty special ideas about how to make the people in your life smile. But, if you need some inspiration or fancy a challenge, we’ve got you covered. Our 12 Days of Kindness Challenge is now live on Instagram Stories!

‘What’s that about?’ we hear you cry like a scarf-wearing, woolly-hat-clad gaggle of merry carolers. 

Take a look on our social channels today and find out. Each day for 12 days we’ll be posting an idea of how to do a small act of kindness. All you need to do is snap a pic of you doing them and upload them, and make sure you tag us so we can see how well you’re getting on. 

What do you get if you take part?

Well that’s the whole joy of it! You get to feel amazing that you’ve spread kindness at the time of year when people need it the most. And kindness begets kindness, so who knows what someone will do for you in return. 

And that, Scrooge, really IS the spirit of Christmas.