Teen Idol - Doddleoddle

ncs 15/03/2017

This month’s Teen Idol is English YouTuber and singer-songwriter Dodie Clark. The talented musician has over 900,000 subscribers on her popular YouTube channel ‘doddleoddle’ garnering over 100 million views to date! As if that’s not enough, she’s also got a side channel that has reached over 500,000 subscribers. She’s even released her first video on the Vevo channel dodieVEVO with another 160,000 subscribers keeping up to date with her music. Born and raised in Epping, Essex, Dodie moved to London in 2015 where she’d take the world by storm with her amazing talents.

Dodie’s fans gravitate towards her honest lyrics, charismatic personality and let’s not forget to mention her quirky fashion style that really gives her a unique edge from all the other channels out there. If you haven’t checked out ‘doddleoddle’, the talented starlet is known for her impressive ukulele skills and captivating vocals covering songs from various artists like the 1975, One Direction, Taylor Swift and even The Beatles! But this musician isn’t just limited to covering some of the biggest hits – she’s also got plenty of her own music she written which many of her fans can’t get enough of. When writing and performing her songs, she’s admitted to wear her heart on her sleeve as she shares her emotional journey to the world.

As her fan base continues to grow, it’s not surprising that the young star has released her very first EP in 2016 entitled ‘Intertwined’. The EP features five original tracks with a single performed live. She’s scheduled to do a tour for her EP this year! If you want to listen to ‘Intertwined’, it’s available on iTunes and Spotify.

Make sure to keep your eyes out for this rising star! Check out her music on doddleoddle, doddlevloggle, and follow Dodie on Twitter @doddleoddle!