Teen Idol - NCS Grad, Jack Morgan

ncs 10/04/2017

We caught up with NCS grad, Jack Morgan, who graduated from the programme in 2016. In this exclusive interview, Jack talked to us about his experience walking the runway for clothing designer Angus Chiang at London Fashion Week! Read all about how the model was scouted, his London Fashion Week debut, and how NCS helped with his confidence.


What have you been up to since you graduated from NCS?

Since graduating I’ve done a little bit of modelling, which led me to walk at London Fashion Week for Angus Chiang!


How did you end up on the runway?

It all started the summer after my GCSEs. Early summer, I was walking alone in the mall and I was in a shop by myself just looking at something. This lovely lady walked up to me and said, “Excuse me, have you ever thought about being a model?” I thought, oh my goodness me! I must have stared at her for like fifteen seconds. I said of course. She told me to email her and I was on a huge high for like ages. 

I did a lot of research and they were really nice. They were the real deal. I did a test shoot and they reviewed the pictures and signed me on my GCSE results day. That was an incredible day! I hadn’t really done a lot of modelling since [that day] because of school and things like that. But during the summer holiday, I did some castings and test shoots. One day, the agency asked me to come in for a casting for Angus Chiang. I hadn’t heard of him before so I did some research and found out he was an up-and-coming designer. I saw his clothes and thought they were amazing. I went to London, did the casting and didn’t realise until the show that it was London Fashion Week. I cannot tell you the emotions I was feeling at that point. I was so happy.

That’s amazing! What did it feel like when you were on the runway?

I got to walk twice! The second I walked into the building, it was just so overwhelming. My favourite part was when each model got a personal dresser! There were all of these quick changes. The first time I walked out onto the stage, I was very nervous – the second time I thought I wasn’t going to make the quick change but I just made it in the nick of time. It was so amazing!


Do you think NCS has contributed to your confidence?

Yeah, absolutely! Some people would think that being thrown into a one-week residential with thirty people can be quite nerve-racking. Some people can be quite shy and lack confidence in big groups but I’m quite a bubbly and outgoing person. I usually do okay in those kinds of situations. It absolutely has increased my confidence though! It increased my confidence in people as well. You do have to develop a level of trust and confidence in one another, which I definitely got on NCS.

What was NCS like for you when you did it?

I absolutely enjoyed it! Eeerm, I loved it to be honest! It was just so amazing to meet young people in the same position in life and then do something for charity at the end. It was just such an amazing experience.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It was all slightly scary but it’s a bit like NCS. Like, when you’re about to do it, you’re quite scared but then when you get launched into it and it’s just such an incredible experience!