Teen Idol - Scola Dondo

ncs 16/02/2018

YouTube is a big place. Whatever you’re into, it seems like there are a billion different vloggers with an opinion on it. You have to be pretty special to stand out in the crowd, and one said special person is 20-year-old personal trainer and self-professed foodie Scola Dondo. We love her because she’s all about being fit and happy. And with over 238,000 subscribers, we’re not the only ones obsessed with her!

Finding happiness through healthy living!

Scola was fourteen when she decided to take control of her body, her happiness, and her future. Being bullied at school and unhappy at home made a difficult start, but through a combination of healthy eating and exercise, she managed to lose 50lb (22.7kg). By the time she was 16 she was feeling better about herself than ever before. She documented her journey on YouTube, sharing hints and tips as she learned them with her growing fan base along the way. She hit a wall when she was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, a condition that makes you gain weight, but she didn’t let it put her off smashing her goals!

Your passion will inspire others

Scola is a passionate food-lover and shares a lot of her meals on her Instagram, Facebook and blog, thatfitnesslife.com. But she doesn’t stop there. She talks about everything from loving your natural hair to writing a fitness schedule and sticking to it, and even some of the things that have changed her life for the better – her most recent favourite being aroma diffusers! One of her passions is dancing; in fact, she teaches dance workout classes and loves it. She even got picked up by eBay, who filmed her teaching a class, inspiring others with her positivity and dedication.

You are in charge of your own happiness

Scola talks openly about her mental health issues and how comments on social media have really affected her self-esteem. With over 238,000 YouTube subscribers and 45,000 Instagram followers, she knows there will always be negative comments about the way she looks. But she has also learnt about diet plans, workout programmes and general tips on how to be healthy that she never learnt in school. In December, she took part in the launch of CBBC’s Own It, a website of fun and empowering stories and advice to help 9-12 year-olds get the most out of their time online. Haters gonna hate, but Scola doesn’t care!

It’s never about what you look like

It’s how you feel inside that counts, and what goals you can set an archive. We love Scola for working hard and making the change she wants to see in her life. At only 20 she has achieved so much and isn’t set to stop there. The future? Well, she wants to focus more on how she feels and less what she looks like, and is concentrating on running and racing. Her top tip to anyone looking to make a change? “Be proud, be you and be determined.”  We reckon this makes Scola pretty unstoppable!