Trick Or Treat Or What? - NCS Grad, Abbie

ncs 27/10/2017

With Halloween coming up we’ll be answering our doors to young kids asking for sweets, dressed up in spooky costumes. It’s rare to see teenagers come out trick or treating on Halloween; maybe it’s become too childish for us?

Maybe the long walk around the neighbourhood just isn’t worth three packs of Haribo. So because we are too ‘old’ to be classed as trick or treaters, there are still many alternative ways teens can have fun on Halloween, and the time leading up to it.

So, round up your mates!


There will be lots of ‘teen-appropriate’ parties happening around Halloween. If you can’t find any that are being put on by your local club or anywhere around you, then plan one with your mates! You can still wear a costume and you also have the chance of getting free food (which is always a perk!). You could also be the host of your own party (as long as you ask your parents first).


Having movie marathons also means having Halloween-themed sleepovers with your friends. What else could get you all in the mood for Halloween other than watching horror films at midnight? You can also watch a few throwback Halloween movies that made your childhood, such as ‘Hocus Pocus’, Halloweentown’ and ‘The Corpse Bride’.

Don’t forget the popcorn and the gummy spiders!


Now, if you completed NCS in the summer, you will already be aware of bonfires. However, they don’t always have to associate with the summer. Grab your mates and host your very own bonfire night (making sure the forest you’re having it isn’t too scary). Complete your night by roasting marshmallows, singing your favourite songs, lighting the torches and telling your favourite ghost stories!

If the Halloween dusk is too cold for you, you can always have this bonfire extravaganza indoors, in front of your fireplace. You can still do all of these activities inside, without being freezing. Just make sure the ghosts don’t set fire to anything!


Has anyone ever turned round to you at the door and given you a trick instead of a treat? Rarely not. So instead of going round to people’s houses, why not just make your own treats, by yourself, with your family or friends! Halloween bake nights are sure to go down a treat, especially with handmade biscuits, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and whatever else you desire to make!

Don’t forget to decorate them with spiders, ghosts and ghouls, and if you’re nice enough, hand them out to trick or treaters!


Many amusement parks take advantage of Halloween season, so you should to! Invite your friends to one of the park’s ‘fright nights’, where you can ride rollercoasters in the dark, scream your way through the terrifying mazes and be part of frightening live-action shows! They will be the nights you and your friends will remember for a long time, so what are you waiting for? If you’re brave enough, you can even go on the night of Halloween!

So if you were thinking of skipping the trick or treat period around your neighbourhood this year, there is still no excuse for you not to get into the Halloween spirit!

Have a great Halloween, and watch out for the witches and the vampires!