Unstoppable Influencers VS The 168 Hour Challenge

ncs 12/10/2018
WillNE, Saima and JaackMaate

The days are getting shorter and the summer holidays already feel like a distant memory. But hey, autumn half term is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to challenge yourself. You’ll be surprised what you can do with one week off.

To prove what can be accomplished in just a week, we put the challenge to three of our Unstoppable Influencers: Saimasmileslike, JaackMaate and WillNE. We gave them 168 hours (one week) to learn any new skill they liked and film their journey for us to follow. Here’s what happened ... 

Saimasmileslike - Learnt a K-POP dance

Saima Chowdhury has had some, a-hem, pretty epic dancing fails in her time. In her own words, she’s ‘really, really bad at it’. Never afraid of a challenge though, Saima put the word out that she’d be learning a full K-POP dance routine and asked Instagram to choose the song. After a lot of ‘5, 6, 7, 8’s and a few ‘Ohh noooooo’s’, she smashed a flawless routine to Red Velvet’s ‘Power Up!’ Now that she’s basically a pro, Saima can add K-POP dancer to her long list of amazing achievements.


JaackMaate - Created a Youtuber Diss Track

The first challenge for JaackMaate was choosing a challenge. At one point, he had seven on the cards – including YouTube Boxing and the Chubby Bunny Challenge (whatever that means!). In the end, Jack met somewhere in the middle with a YouTuber diss track. Calling in a favour from his music producer friend, Dan, Jack crafted some hilarious lyrics and headed to the studio to ‘spit on some tracks’. He even had time to make a music video to go with it and bring in the likes of Chris Stark and Jack Whitehall for some extra celebrity promo. And that’s a rap ...


WillNE - Became a Twitch Streamer

‘Hello fella, how do I become proper class at Twitch?’ – that was how WillNE entered the world of Twitch Streaming. And it resulted in some cold, hard advice! Luckily though, he was able to rope-in his flatmate, Gee Nelly, who also happens to be Streamer of the year 2018. Fresh from stealing the show at the Summer in the City Awards, Gee shared all the pro secrets and helped Will smash his first ever legit Twitch Stream.

Our autumn programme has all the action-packed experiences of the summer wrapped-up into one week over autumn half term.

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