Want to be an NCS Leader?

ncs 24/08/2016
Want to be an NCS Leader

We can’t wait for NCS Leaders 2016 – an unmissable opportunity for NCS grads to join forces and do something truly amazing this Autumn half term. We’re now on the lookout for this year’s Leaders, so if you’re ready for an unforgettable challenge, keep reading!

NCS Leaders brings together 100 NCS graduates from across England and Northern Ireland in a residential programme in October 2016. You’ll form close bonds with NCS grads, deliver powerful social action, take part in inspiring sessions and who knows, maybe end up in a TV campaign! The fifth annual NCS Leaders takes place this Autumn half term at a secret location (soz, not Disneyland).

Fancy yourself as an NCS Leader? We’re looking for passionate NCS grads who’ve got what it takes to represent the programme we all love. You’ll have a real enthusiasm for NCS and we’ll be looking to recognise and reward your amazing commitment!

If your application is successful, the Leaders programme will give you the chance to develop your leadership skills and meet some incredible NCS grads from around the country. Being an NCS Leader is an incredible opportunity, but bear in mind there’s a fair amount of rolling-up-the-sleeves! Here’s some of the things we expect of an NCS Leader:

  • You’ll be a social action hero — committed to directing and managing community projects in your region, and mobilising local NCS grads to take part. You’ll be at the heart of NCS Action Day

  • You’ll be active in your Regional Youth Board

  • You’ll support your NCS provider in getting more young people to do NCS

  • You’ll be happy to be considered for media opportunities — for example, NCS Leaders have featured in our last two TV campaigns

  • You’ll be happy to attend NCS, government or partner events and act as an ambassador for the programme — think public speaking!

This is a voluntary role but all expenses are paid so it will cost you nada (nothing).

Here’s the criteria:

  • You must be available from 22 - 28 October 2016

  • You must have completed Autumn 2015, Spring 2016 or the Summer 2016 NCS programme

  • The deadline for applications is 11 September 2016

Things to consider:

  • What skills have you learnt from doing NCS?

  • Why would you be the best person for the role of NCS Leader?

  • What impact did your social action project have?

  • What issues are you particularly interested in?

To nominate yourself, simply click here. Good luck!