What happened on Action Day?

ncs 11/03/2016
What happened on NCS Action Day 2016?

On Saturday (5 March 2016), thousands of NCS grads around the country rolled up their sleeves and took part in the third NCS Action Day. It was incredible to see the amazing impact NCSers made in just one day! From planting trees to raising awareness of homelessness and mental health, there was no shortage of social action heroics. Check out some of the inspiring Action Day stories below!

All you need is love

With the help of Safe in Tees Valley, over 20 graduates and spring participants raised awareness of ‘Loves Me Loves Me Not’ – a local campaign that promotes ‘healthy relationships’. Before the event at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington, those involved posted a heart selfie on their social media channels and spread the word using the hashtag #NCSActionDayLovesMe. NCSers even gave out ‘Loves Me Loves Me Not’ bookmarks to engage the general public, boosting even more awareness. Nice work!

A forest for Peterborough

This group of NCS grads were thinking green – on Action Day they played their part in helping a project which aims to plant 180,000 trees in Peterborough and the surrounding countryside by 2030. The aim? A forest for Peterborough! The goal for this project is to plant one tree for every person living in the city. Thanks to their efforts, our future looks a little greener!

Action for the animals of Antrim!

Following a flood, 24 NCS grads joined Cooperation Ireland at the Antrim Animal Sanctuary after the regional youth board saw a Facebook post with an urgent call for help. The grads got their hands dirty; they mucked out the stables, creosoted a fence, cleaned up the barn kitchen and hosed down and swept the yard. They even worked with the animals to help them socialise with human beings again. NCSers groomed the horses, ponies and dogs, even taking the pooches for a stroll around the Antrim countryside! They also made hay nets to feed the horses. Neigh to go!

Highlighting homelessness in Preston

NCS grads and Inspira engaged with the public to talk about homelessness and mental health in the local community. Influenced by the Humans of New York project, this Action Day team started this project in January and have been working with individuals and organisations to find stories about individuals and create an online campaign.

Care home fun day

The NCS grads and the Football League Trust spent their Action Day at a local residential care home. They offered some fun activities for the residents, which included watching short films, getting pampered and eating some goodies like ice cream and popcorn!

What did you do on Action Day? We’d love to hear! Share your stories with us on social media.