What is the National Youth Board?

ncs 22/01/2016
The NCS National Youth Board

There are some questions in life that no one will ever know the answer to. Do aliens exist? If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? Is the moon made of cheese? In particular, there’s one massive question which remains unanswered, and has been troubling scientists for all of ten seconds: what is the NCS National Youth Board?

The NYB, as we like to call it (some of the time), is NCS’s answer to a United Nations summit, but with less flags, more laughter and a similar amount of cloudy lemonade. It’s an opportunity for 20 select NCSers (who’ve been through the Leaders programme) to sit round the table and debate some of the changes they’d like to see to the NCS experience.

There’s no such thing as a bad idea (apart from jet-powered roller-skates) and the NYB is a fantastic opportunity for NCSers to don their thinking caps and share ideas in an open forum. It’s a really direct and positive way for NCSers to make a difference and have their voices heard!

What’s more, the feedback from NCS grads on the NYB (FYI that’s almost the last acronym in this article) has been really useful in shaping the strategy behind NCS marketing campaigns – like the amazing new TV ad – and other cool ideas like the NCS Card (pssst – get your hands on one of those for discounts aplenty).

The ninth edition of the National Youth Board takes place in London this weekend (Saturday 23rd), and in the coming days, The Mix will introduce you to some of the fabulous youth boarders from this year’s NYB. That really is the last acronym.

Power to the NCS people!