What's Happening On Action Day?

ncs 17/03/2017

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get into the volunteering spirit! On 18 March, NCS grads are coming together to spread social action all across the UK. Inspiring grads will get into their social action teams to raise awareness for various charities. Join them as they make an impact in their communities and spread awareness towards issues that matter!

Before then, check out what some NCS grads are doing to raise awareness on mental health, homelessness and community regeneration for this year’s Action Day!



Project Name: EFL Trust

In YH1, we are uniquely positioned for Action Day in that Hull is the City of Culture 2017. A colleague has been working with the Hull 2017 team to create one of the weekly challenges that are taking place throughout 2017. We have a concept that was launched today and will culminate in a very visible and vibrant Action Day project led by NCS graduates on Saturday.

The challenge is simple – gather as many people together in Hull City Centre to form the largest conga line possible. The Social Action element is to use this fun activity to raise awareness of the services offered by MIND Hull & East Riding. We will have support from the charities staff, volunteers and ‘service users’ on the day. Local schools and organisations have already accepted the challenge and their congas can be viewed on the following hashtags #NCSHull and #challengehull.

Project Name: Mental Health Awareness Campaign

NCS grads will give out pens with the link to their video clip and use their phones to keep sharing the video on social media with #NCSActionDay. They have researched and would like to promote the ‘time to talk – time to change’ aim, which is to encourage people to talk about mental health. They would like to film themselves acting out scenarios like two males playing football and one asking the other how he's feeling, or 2 females having a cup of tea talking about their feelings. They will share it on social media to raise awareness with 14-18 year-olds that it's ok to talk about their mental health.

We have put a Change Squad application which will provide them with £400 of funding so we can professionally pay for our media team to film/edit, fund the pens and Facebook advert and we’ll receive £200 staff support in addition to this.



Project Name: NCS Sleep Out

Grads have already applied for funding, and they can either take part in the sleep out or get into your wardrobe and donate all that unwanted clutter – you can also get your family and friends involved. Homelessness is a big issue across the UK and yes we’re not going to solve the problem with a sleep out but what we can do is raise awareness, collect and distribute donations that will go a long way to keeping a person warm.

Project Name: Help the Homeless

NCS Local Youth Board will be handing out donations and boxes to homeless local people. On the day, the group will spend the morning making up the boxes and decorating them. Then in the afternoon, they’ll go around Sunderland to deliver to homeless people and if there may be any left, they’ll be given to a homeless charity in Sunderland. In prep for this, the grads will be collecting items they have had donated (i.e. hats, gloves) which they have sourced from friends/family and businesses ready for Action Day.



Project Name: NCS Graduate Time Capsule

A group of students will be engaging with members of the community to discuss the perspectives of each other and issues within the community. The information will be recorded (maybe digitally) and placed into the capsule. The idea is to revisit the capsule in a year and five years to see if the issues and perspectives have changed in anyway. The project capsule will be dug up and revisited by graduates in the future!

Project Name: Political Engagement Survey

Young people's voice was not evident in our last assembly elections. Graduates from Ballymena area want local young people's voices heard. They will design a survey which will try to reveal what social issues local young people feel are common in their community, and what party young people feel represent them. These findings will then be presented to the elected representatives post-election.


Exciting stuff! Want to get involved in this year’s Action Day? Contact your grad manager for all the info!

Don’t forget to share all your social action on social media using the hashtag #NCS!


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