Why Your Generation Is Awesome...

ncs 20/06/2019

For Clean Air Day we asked a thousand young people aged 11-16 what their main concerns are about the environment and air pollution. What did we find out? Well, more than anything it confirmed what we thought – you guys are a force to be reckoned with, leading the way in combating climate change. And here’s the proof.

32% of you believe there is no issue more important than the environment and air pollution in the UK and this is clearly demonstrated by your generation’s commitment to the cause. 64% of the young people we asked have decided to make fundamental lifestyle changes to help save the planet, and 87% have made changes in the last year – one in 10 choosing not to learn how to drive and 15% becoming vegans.

Meanwhile, on phase three of NCS, you’re proving your passion for our environment with more and more innovative and long-term plans. Over 12 and a half million hours of social action have been donated by NCSers to date, and we love hearing about all your projects. 

One group led the charge by creating a giant moss wall on the most polluted road in their home town of Exeter. NCS grad, Finn Lowther said, “Taking part in NCS gave me the tools to make a difference – I’ve always been concerned about the environment, and the programme connected me with other young people in my area so we could develop ideas for change together.”

Teammate Inaki had read about moss in a science magazine and learnt that large cities around the world were employing moss and vertical walls to reduce pollution in urban areas – the team decided to adopt it on a local level. 

Finn went on to explain, “We noticed one road in our area was particularly busy, so decided to plant a moss wall alongside it to help combat emissions. I never would have thought to do this alone, but NCS allowed our team to develop a bigger idea that would make a tangible difference.” 

The great news is, this creative and forward-thinking idea remained a permanent fixture for over a year. Turns out it’s super easy to keep moss happy in the UK thanks to our notoriously drizzly weather!

If you’re going out on programme this summer, we challenge you to create a social action project to be proud of – what environmental issue would you like to tackle? Get thinking!

Cover image via @ncs_feed_carlisle on Instagram