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The most exciting and rewarding times of your life are closer than you might think. If you're 15-17 and live in England and Northern Ireland then you've come to the right place.

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Adventure Starts AtYES

Meet new friends & create unforgettable memories

Experience the freedom of life away from home in your first week of National Citizen Service (NCS). Learn to defy your limits as you live fearlessly to uncover a new you and work in a team that’s part of something bigger than anything you’ve ever done before! It won’t take you long to realise that life truly begins outside your comfort zone.

Your Future Starts AtYES

Get ahead as you learn the lessons they don’t teach you in class

Next you’ll turn your new friends into family as you’re reunited to live independently. You’ll learn some huge life skills that make for a killer CV like creating a business plan, planning a project, presenting your talents and becoming a leader in the process.

Making a Difference Starts AtYES

Spread a good thing & make a mark on your local area

Your time at NCS will give you the tools to change the world around you through fundraising and volunteering. In your final part of NCS you’ll use your new skills and friendships to invest yourself in something remarkable. We believe in the power of you, now go out and show us what you can do!

You are NCS

Our 130,000+ grads have given over 3 million hours revamping skate parks, fundraising for charities and dancing all day at the hottest gig of the year with Neon Jungle, Nina Nesbitt & Olivia Sebastianelli.

But don't take our word for it, here are some of our grads…

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Oli Coulson, 17, Cumbria

My NCS story starts in late July 2014, I was sat in my living room thinking about whether I'd made a good choice.

But the moment I stepped on that bus and met my group getting to know people - staff or fellow young people I felt comfortable, we found common interests, mutual friends - turns out I knew of a lot of the people, I'd just never met them!

"I said yes to NCS and had the best summer ever"

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Jade Wardle, 17, Bransgore

I went into NCS without much confidence; I wasn’t great at talking to new people and introducing myself.

The only thing I was confident about was doing the different activities in the first week because I believed it was the only thing I was really good at, doing sport.

But it turns out I’m pretty good at other things too, like; cooking, carpentry and art! I came out of NCS with new skills, more confidence and a determination to do more.

“NCS graduation was not the ending of my NCS experience, it was only the beginning.”

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Sakib Zahid, 17, Watford

Before I went I was a very stubborn character and did not like socalising with people I did not know beforehand.

However now I love to socialise with people from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, cultures, religions as it allows me the chance to seek and learn more knowledge about other societies. I am happy to say that after doing the NCS programme I am now a happy and confident character which loves to take any opportunity to meet new people and understand people from other society groups.

“The proudest moment of NCS, and my life, would be, being elected as a leader, voted out of 110 students was just outstanding.”

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If you are 15, 16 or 17 you can take part in NCS right now. But if you're younger you can register your interest now and we'll be in touch when you're ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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